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leif Hello Anyone her that could give me a clue to my first installation of Midgard?
bergie leif: tell me
leif Hello bergie ! I have compiled and made all changes described in this page. Everything seems to be all OK. No errors during compiling or server errors. All the tables could be found in Mysql. Apache i running as user apache and all directories have all permissions for apache. But when I try to acces with asgard i recieve a 404 error.
leif My server is behind a firewall with private ip and the name of the server is just "common". Could ther be some kind of confusion between servername ip or.... anything else.
bergie what does your midgard-data.conf say, and is it Included to httpd.conf?
bergie just upgraded midgard-project.org to CVS version of midcom, please report all problems
leif It is included in httpd.conf. and here is the main part of the conf-filr. rest of it is about russian letters: MidgardRootFile "/usr/lib/apache/midgard-root.php" MidgardPageCacheDir /var/cache/midgard/page NameVirtualHost<VirtualHost> MidgardEngine On ServerName common Port 80
Spike_Spiegel bergie: while I still remember it...
bergie leif: have you updated host name in Midgard DB as well? update host set name="common";
leif yes i have thE same name and id number one
bergie and you're calling the site in browser http://common/asgard/ ?
bergie ...and your browser will contact that specific IP?
leif yes and yes
bergie run the following
bergie telnet common 80
-->| piotras (~pp@cheops.infoglob.com) has joined #midgard
bergie HEAD / HTTP/1.0
bergie Host: common
bergie <enter> <enter>
bergie Tell me what server signature is
bergie hi piotras
piotras hi Bergie, hi all :)
leif i got rying
leif Connected to common (
leif Escape character is '^]'
bergie paste the two lines there
bergie and press enter twice
leif ok I got : HTTP/1.1 200 OK
leif Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 13:42:00 GMT
leif Server: Apache-AdvancedExtranetServer/1.3.27 (Mandrake Linux/11mdk) Midgard/1.5.0/SG PHP/4.3.2
leif Connection: close
leif Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1
leif Connection closed by foreign host.
bergie Do you get anything to error_log?
bergie like for example if Midgard database connection fails
leif the httpd log or
bergie yep
bergie also, set Apache LogLevel to debug
leif warn] [client] Midgard: failed to open
leif database 'midgard' for user 'midgard'
bergie ok, that is where your problem is
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